Yamaha SuperJet 701 1996-2019

The Yamaha Waverunner SuperJet™ is the trusted weapon of choice for many of the world’s leading champs and pro racers. It lets them ride like their machine is almost an extension of their body – which is why the SuperJet has always stood out so convincingly from the rest … “Much quicker and more stable than any other stand-up I’ve ever ridden – it gives me huge confidence to attack the turns.”

Rider and legendary machine in perfect harmony. At one with each other and with the water. It’s how races are won.A legend – but for competition use only!
The impressive power and acceleration of the race-bred 2-stroke engine is combined with a sleek, ultra-light hull. Supreme agility and control is the SuperJet’s trademark, with the ability to out-carve rival racers by diving deeper and turning harder into turns.
Its unique ergonomic design – with spring-assisted steering pole and handlebar – leads the rider naturally into a comfortable lean-forward position, the ideal stance for competition riding. Your SuperJet is ready and waiting. But please be aware that it is sold for closed course and competition use only.


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2019 Yamaha SuperJet 701

2019 Yamaha SuperJet 701