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Skat Trak Trim System Short or Long Nozzle
- The best trim system You can buy for SXR
Part# PRNKAW800SX-R- 80/83,81/84,82/85  
Front Sponsons SXR
Original Kawasaki SXR800 Front Sponsons
- Special SXR800 - improve handling dramatic
Part# Monti  

TBM Intake grate NEW !!!
- Our favorite for stock and limited Racing
Part# TBM4  
TBM 123-S
TBM Signature Series Rideplate for SX-R800   
Part#TBM123 Black Race Series  

Skat Trak Intake Grate
The only stainless steel, last forever
Part# PRSGKAW800SXR Cut or Uncut  
Macc Racing Ride Plate
"The Hooker" Macc Racing Ride Plate
Use same rideplate of Mac and S. Daulliach
Part# Macc  

Craftman Racing Ride Plate
Craftman Racing Ride Plate Carbon
Takenoshita model  +70mm
Part# CM-SXR012BK  
R&D Pump Seal Kit
- better hook up and less cavigation
Part# 161-8000 More Info here >>  

Impeller Wrench Kawasaki SXR800 / SX / SXI
- a MUST have tool to change impeller
Part# DS35  
Skat Trak Magnum Pump
Skat Trak Magnum Pump SX-R800
-140mm or 142mm Setback 12V
 Part# magnum    
Solas  Impeller (Call for Impros Edition)
- The secret of many Racer 
Part# KP-DF Impros 13/19 or Solas 13/22-14/23  
Special Skat Trak THIN Blade Impeller
- For limited 140mm pumps or SS 142mm pumps
Part# 13/20-140 for limited, 15/22-142 for Superstock  

OEM Bearing and Seal Kit incl. following parts
2x92049-3714, 2x92045-3706,2x92055-1011,
 Part# pumpkit  
Skat Trak Aluminum Pump Shoe
Skat Trak Alumnium Pump Shoe  
 Part# PRKAW800PS    

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